Need help between 2 low profile video cards

Hi i am looking to upgrade my Acer Aspire x3810 so i will move it to a 450w miniatx case, after i will upgrade the video card into one of this 2 options:

So which you think is better? thx in advance
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  1. the 6570 does perform really good in games. i dont know much about the gt440 since no one really talks about that one.
  2. Thx for the advice!!! cheers!!
  3. There little difference between the 5570 and 6570 just so you know.
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    and you are bett off with a 5670 that cost the same as the 6570.
  5. Nice I checked the 5670 but I am worry about it fiting in my case wich will be

    thx again!
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