PC Built done, Monitor no signal?

Hey everyone,

I just finished building my first PC, I was having problem booting up but then my uncle helped me, it was because all my plugs were loose and I was too afraid to use brute force to push them in, he helped me and it turned on beautifully, with no beeping sounds from the MOBO. I was very happy until I plugged in my monitor, "No Signal". Disappointment. :(

The monitor has both DVI cables and VGA cables and an adapter. The GPU, ( HIS Radean HD 6850 ) has two DVI plug-in cables, I plugged the monitor DVI cables to the monitor, "No Signal", took it out, and took the adapter and used my VGA cables, still no signal.

What could be the cause of this? My friend says to replug my PCI-Express cable, I tried to, but my uncle pushed them in tight, I could not take it out, (I could but I was worried when it releases I might damage the interior of the PC with the recoil.)

The monitor works fine, I have tried it on my laptop.

What could be the problem?

NOTE: I noticed that when I turn the PC on, it shows [ENERGYSTAR] Logo on the top left corner of the monitor, then proceed to the "NO SIGNAL" image.

Please help.. I was so happy until now! LOL. :??:

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition
GPU: HIS Radean HD 6850 1gb
MOBO: Asrock m3a770de
PSU: Antec earthwatts EA-750 :cry:
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  1. Hope you didn't plug in while PC was on.

    The PCI-E power cables plugged into your GFX card have small lever locks to keep them from vibrating out. They are on the underside, you must press on the lever to release the lock before you pull out.

    Have you sued the monitor's OSD (on screen display) to make sure the proper input is selected ?
  2. I had a similar problem in which my PC would turn on without posting and I would get the VGA no signal message. It turns out that 2 of my RAM slots were broken and would only turn boot when I put the RAM onto the working slots. Try booting your computer with one stick of RAM and move it to a different slot to see if it works. Also not sure if your mobo has the Dr. Debug LED on it that shows error messages and stuff. If it does you can consult your manual to see what the problem is.
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