Hi guys
I need help plz give me best suggestion for upgrade my pc i have core i3 2100 n my motherboard Asus P861-MLE last one year now i want to upgrade my motherboard only so
Most important question which is the best brand Asus or Asrock ?
i have two choice
1st Asrock Z68 Pro3 Gen3
2nd Asus P8H67

Now plz give me good n quickly suggestion
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  1. If fin that asrock gives more then asus for the money if you look closely.

    I bought an asrock and it works fine:

    but this is a bigger version:
    Just in case you would like to see the pro 4 Z77 version
  2. asus if you can afford it, in personal experience it lasts longer, and is more reliable. if you dont have the money, AsRock is still a good company with a better cheaper-price to what-your-getting-for-your-money ratio.
  3. i have no problem money but which is best brand Asus or Asrocks
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