Can I interchange hard drives that work on intel vs amd processors

my hp pavillion dv 2500 quit. Bought a used computer thinking I could just swap hard drives. Turns out original is AMD processor and new(used) one is Intel. What would be the harm if I put the original (AMD supported) hard drive into the used computer with the Intel processor?
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  1. chances are it will blue screen you due to different drivers--though it might not if you are lucky--i have done it lots of times and sometimes it works straight off and sometimes not

    try pressing f8 at boot and start it in safe mode and remove any chipset and graphic drivers then restart and see if it works

    though a clean install would be better
  2. Hi

    see link to fix HDC which removed hard disk controller drivers from registry before re booting your Hard Disk on new motherboard

  3. I appreciate the info so far. Both machines run Vista.... does that make any difference? Followed mbarnes86 link, but that info seemed more XP oriented. Thanks again
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