Monitor "No Signal? Just finished my build.

I just finished building my first PC, had some little problems, fixed it.

I plugged in my monitor, with the DVI- VGA adapter, opened the PC, Everything was running, optical drive opens, GPU fan running, LED Fan and CPU Fan runs normally... absolutely no beep at all, all sounded perfect except when I opened my monitor, "NO SIGNAL". Disappointment. I don't know what I did wrong, before I powered up the PC, I made sure everything was plugged in correctly and not a loose cable. Honestly I do not want to take it apart took me 4 hours just to match up my MOBO to the Chassis..3 hours to get the stock cpu cooler onto the MOBO...well, you know the rest. XD.

1) This monitor has both DVI and VGA cables, with an additional adapter. I used the VGA from the adapter, does not work. Yes, I made sure the monitor is on the VGA input (plugged in on my laptop) before transferring it to my new PC.

I used a secondary VGA monitor, which worked on my laptop as well, displayed a "NO SIGNAL" screen like the previous.

What could be wrong here? The GPU is running fine (the fans) and everything else in my build.

I cannot get access to the screen as of right now, I cannot install my OS! I thought I was finished for good, and this occurs.

My build:

AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition
GPU: HIS Radean HD 6850 1gb
MOBO: Asrock m3a770de
PSU: Antec earthwatts EA-750w
CASE: Thermaltake v3 Black Edition

I really hope my MOBO isn't burnt out or anything, I did took a long time install the MOBO onto the post in my case, maybe while I was sliding it in.. I damaged something? Again I don't think so.. I used so much precaution and care!!
I waited literally almost 2 weeks for my stuff online >.<.

Everything seems to run so smoothly. It is my first time, I cannot diagnose a problem!

My friend had this problem he said he had a bent pin on his MOBO, everything ran smoothly but his GPU wasn't able to get a signal. He said mine might be sometime different.. or the same problem.

NOTE: I noticed that when I turn the PC on, it shows [ENERGYSTAR] Logo on the top left corner of the monitor, then proceed to the "NO SIGNAL" image.

my newly purchased monitor:

My biggest concern is my MOBO...not sure though.. I honestly don't think I damaged it. IF the MOBO is broken, do I have to repurchase everything? or can I just switch out the MOBO.


I'm so scared..
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  1. When you see the ENERGYSTAR Logo on the top left corner of the monitor, do you have an option to get into the bios? If so, open the bios and set it to defaults. You can tweak it later.
    If that doesn't, try resetting you bios - using the motherboard jumper.
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