5850 or 560

Simple Question. Im running on 1920x1080, i5, 6gb Ram
My Friend wants to swap his EVGA GTX 560 OC ed for my XFX 5850 Black edition
Should I do it?
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  1. Take the 560 OC. Even with a factory overclock it's faster than the 5850 and it can probably be overclocked even higher. It also consumes less power and produces less heat.

    Actually he might want to pick a second 5850 up for $150:

    You might want to keep the 5850 and do that yourself.
  2. here's a bench of 560 and 5850, http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/330?vs=295 clearly

    , 560 will be the winner. is he having a ti or non ti version?
  3. Take the 560 Ti version I say. Just as good as the 6950.
  4. He might not even have the Ti version :whistle:
  5. 560 for sure.
  6. thanks guys it actully the MSI GTX560 Ti twinfrosr2, So I took it and its way better than 5850. not dissapionted at all
  7. Good choice.
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