Problems after installing drivers on Sabertooth Z77

So I just put in my Sabertooth Z77 yesterday. Everything was fine. I ran Driver Genius and it found all the updates and drivers that I needed. I installed them and now windows 7 wont boot. It gets to the windows logo then the PC restarts. I did a memory test, that came back clean. I tried a bunch of times to do a system restore from safemode. That wont work either. Its a Raid 0 setup if that helps.
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  1. Can you uninstall drivers in Safe Mode? Sounds like Driver Genius found an incompatable driver.
  2. Safe mode will go through all the steps then it will reboot and tell me if wasnt successful. I also have a problem with not being able to see the whole bios. There are parts of it that the mouse wont let me click on and it seems like the screen is to small for the bios if that makes sense.
  3. check that your using the 1504 bios for your mb if it the older bios. use the usb bios flashback and update your mb bios. check that your using the right video output. the mb has mini hdmi. also check in the bios your first boot device is the gpu if your using the gpu. also turn off ipgpu in the bios.
  4. I am using the 1504 bios. The bios was working fine, I was able to access everything til I started having these problems with the drivers. I dont know what one would have to do with the other.
  5. I took a few pictures. I could be wrong since this motherboard is so new to me but this dosent look right to me. The mouse wont let me click on English to change language. Not that I want to but I hsould be able to. On the other screens you can see some of it is outside of the screen on the right side and the bottom.

  6. Have you tried clearing the CMOS via the pins or removing the MB battery?
  7. Yes I cleared the CMOS. That didnt help. I also changed the screen ratio and that didnt help either. I see the problem is pretty common. I hope I come across someone that actually had the problem and was able to fix it.
  8. Finally got it working right using a VGA cable. I hope they get this problem worked out with the next bios update.
  9. Congrats! Who woulda thunk?
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