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(Real)Cpu 70C on Idle HELP!

Hi, my Cpu always runs at 70C idle and when i play games it shuts down. i dont know if its a virus or what becaus about the time this started i tried downloading a torrent from pirate bay and it asked me to insert a disk then soon a few days later it dissapeared and im wondering if it was a virus that is totally taking my computer over. also my friends get random emails from me that i never sent and i have contacts that ive never had before. :fou: Anyways, im really frusterated because i cant fix the overheating processor. its an i7 and i need lots of help... also i already did the thermal paste reinstallation and it never showed a sign of the temperature drop. i have speedfan 4.45

Processor Class Intel Core i7 940
Processor Speed 2930 GHz

Installed Video Memory per Card 512 MB
Video bus PCI Express
Video chipset ATI Radeon HD 4850

Installed memory 6144 MB

Total Hard-drive capacity 500 GB
RAID Type none

Optical Drives
Optical Drive Type BD-RE
Second Optical Drive Type DVD±RW

Expansion Slots
Open PCI Express X16 Slots 0
Number of PCI slots 4
Open PCI Express X1 Slots 3
Number of PCI-Express Slots 0
Slots 3

Included network card Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps)

Interface Connection
Interface connection USB - Universal Serial Bus (rear) (x4)
USB - Universal Serial Bus (front) (x4)
FireWire Port (rear)
FireWire Port (front)

Number of Back Firewire Ports 1
Number of Back USB 2 Ports 4
Number of Front Firewire Ports 1
Number of Front USB 2 Ports 4

Included monitor No

Chassis style Tower (Mini)
Open External Drive Bays 2
Open Internal Drive Bays 1

Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit)
Included Software Microsoft Works 9
15 months PC-Cillin Interent Security

Other Features
Energy Star compliant No
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  1. oh yeah and the model is Dell studio XPS 435mt
  2. have you checked task manager, if its at 100% it wouldnt suprize me, other than that, windows has a good antivirus
  3. after you run a virus scan change all your passwords
  4. If your cpu idles at 70c, then it is likely that your cpu cooler has become loose, and you need to reseat or replace it.
    Also check that the cpu fan is spinning, and that there is no dust build up in your cpu cooler or other parts.
  5. sketch22 said:
    i already did the thermal paste reinstallation and it never showed a sign of the temperature drop. i have speedfan 4.45

    for the guy above
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    What type of cpu cooler do you have? The Intel stock cooler is not that good, but it should have been ok.

    When you reinstalled the cooler, did you check the back of the motherboard to verify that all 4 pins are pushed through and locked?
    You can't do it properly without checking.

    How much paste did you use? If you used too much, it will act as an insulator. A small drop is all that is needed, since it will spread.
  7. don't use illegal stuff sharing sites like piratebay.
    use a rescue cd like avg's to scan your system.
    look up a guide on how to properly apply thermal paste.
    clean up inside your pc with compressed air, clear away any dust. make sure your case fans are pulling in air and pushing it out properly.
    try using a different monitoring program like core temp or one from cpuid - hwmonitor or speccy.
    what model is your psu?
    may be get an aftermarket cooler if you haven't got one already.
  8. yeah i made sure that i seated all the screws in to the holes and i dont think i put too much thermal paste because i used a pea size. but ill check it again
  9. it seemed difficult to screw in to the holes like i needed to push down on it hard after i got the first 2 screws in tight.
  10. yea and about the pirate bay, i tried downloading the black ops campaign because i didnt want to buy it(i know its a bad idea but no need to exagerate) and it might be a virus because it had like 2 just mad that my cpu could be burning out just by sitting here
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