Virtu mvp for fatal1ty z68 pro gen3

i read some where lucid was developing somthing new called virtu mvp universal has any one had any luck geting it to run on an asrock fatal1ty z68 pro gen3 or similar board if so how, im mainly interested in the HyperFormance feature
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    I just spent a good 20 minutes researching this, and I honestly don't know, but from the people I saw that got it working on other boards, what I saw was that it helped in synthetic benchmarks (3DMark, Heaven, etc.), but not really in games (some games were actually much worse). And the Virtual V-Sync doesn't seem to work as well as they would like you to believe, either. Lots of micro stuttering.

    And honestly, that's what I've always heard about regular Virtu MVP from people that have actually used it. It's just not worth worrying about.

    Edit: And your system is strong enough to not even give it a second thought...
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  3. thx dude
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