Socket S1g4 to S1g2

So I have a Turion II in a socket S1g4. It's a single-core processor.
I got a Turion x2 ultra from a friend, it's a dual-core processor.
The problem is that while the sockets are mechanically the same, will the S1g2 processor work in a motherboard with DDR3 memory and a S1g4 socket?

I suspect that it won't work, but if anyone has any more information, that would be great.
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  1. usually, an am2 processor can plug into an am3, im not sure if it would be the same, but it wouldnt suprize me if they made it backwards compatible
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    This should answer your question! (will not work)
  3. Quote:
    This should answer your question! (will not work)

    Strange that stuff like that doesn't come up on google for me. =(
    Anyway, hope my friend can find a use for it.
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