Is using just a single channel ram bad?

Well I found out I have a bunch of dead motherboard slots so I'm left with one slot... Anyways I use my computer for a lot of 3d things, rendering, ect and currently I have 4gb stick in that slot... If I get a 8gb stick would I see a difference in performance from games to multitasking from 4gb ram to 8gb? even if its just one stick?
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  1. Using a dual channel kit instead of a single RAM stick will give you a 6 - 10% performance boost in most applications .

    But I think its unlikely you have dead memory slots

    whats your mb and what processor are you using ?

    Why do you think some slots dont work?
  2. Well my mobo is a :asus p6x58d premium and my processor is a Intel i7 930 both are compatible with each other, and the reason I know they are dead is I called ASUS and I tested each stick of ram in each of the slots and it wouldn't boot from all the slots but the A1 (first blue which my mobo recommends) I could have two sticks of ram in A1 and B1 but it'll only recognize the one in A1. I ran scans and memory had to problems. The question is would 8gb single be better or see better performance then a 4gb single? I am only doing this temporarily till I get a new mobo. I think it shorted , that's why they died.
  3. Since all the motherboard does is provide the passive copper interconnect between the CPU and DIMM slots, there is a definite probability that it might be your CPU's memory controller channels that are busted in which case swapping the motherboard out will not help you in any way.
  4. I called Intel and Ran tests with them, its not the CPU
  5. back on topic, would I benefit from 4 to 8gb? even if its single channel which I did just see a article by tomshardware showing a minor difference. I'm assuming the 8gb stick would work and i'd be running 8gb ram on my mobo, just making sure thats true.
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