So many RAM options, help a newbie!

I'll be building my first computer here shortly, and I'm currently in the process of selecting components. Microcenter currently has a deal going on processor/mobo combos, so I'll be getting unless I'm convinced otherwise:


My question, is which ram should I get? There seems to be SO many different options, and I don't really see the difference between any of them other than brand name. Maybe that is the only difference? Anyway, based on the mobo/processor I'll be getting, which ram would you recommend?

What the heck is the difference between both of those ripjaws options anyway?

And the difference between these two options? And should I care about or even want 1866, I don't understand it =\

And then other brands of course such as the above.

At the moment, I'm leaning towards

Simply because it's on sale.

Help?! Thanks!
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  1. I'd really, greatly appreciate a response if someone would be so kind!
  2. the 1866mh ram has a faster clock speed and the
    has a timeing of 9-9-9-24-2n while the other has a timeing of 9-9-924
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