Looking at a Partly Submerged Fun Build

I have a few parts lying around that are collecting dust so i though i would build a scratch case build for fun/experimenting. I want to fully submerge the Motherboard, RAM, COU and video card with either distilled water or oil.
My question is, What would be the best for cooling? Water or oil? If its oil would different oils cool better then others?

Thanks for your time. And dont worry, i'll be using old components so it doesn't matter if something shorts on accident
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  1. I would definitely go for oil, distilled water will become conductive if there are any contaminates that get into the system, while something like mineral oil will not conduct ever.

    Mineral oil is one of the more common ones, and i think if you are using a smaller lower power system and not running it continuously you may not even need a full radiator system to keep it cool, you might get enough cooling passively and the large mass of oil will absorb a large quantity of heat so it will take quite a while to heat up until its an issue.

    I found a nice article on one thats been running for a while
  2. Where would i buy mineral oil from? I have no idea
  3. Decent engine oil would suffice. Ensure it's brand new though, and before you submerge everything I would recommend spraying it with the same insulating spray you put on battery terminals. If you cover everything well you can even consider distilled water, as it would not conduct through the insulating spray and result in a clearer and easier to maintain (and not to mention cheaper) system.

    Be sure to post pics when you're done, OK? :P
  4. Mineral oil should be easy to find just do a quick online search for a local store that might carry it, or order it online. I would really stay away from engine oil way to thick and the smell would be terrible.
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