AM2 Motherboards for old phenoms = extinct?

I have an old vista comp laying around that a buddy of mine gave to me after the motherboard failed. I finally get the will power to get it going again, only to find its impossible to find a cheap new motherboard for it.

I understand AM3/DDR3 is the current fad, but really? There is like no support for those older AMD processors! Can someone help me out?

AM2+/AM3 Motherboards require DDR3, which is not something I want to buy.
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  1. Its micro-atx, and $60. Those 2 things I can't see lining up.

    What happened to $30 motherboards!
  2. reeper_sniper said:
    What happened to $30 motherboards!

    Not many (if any) of those around with any socket and any form factor. If they exist, they're not worth buying.

    You might have some luck finding used boards on eBay for that price (and possibly new, if they're the worst quality boards ever made), but that would be about it.
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