Anyway to install a mobo driver without an optical drive?

hi, i recently bought a new computer and i have put it all together and i have been using my old computer to install the drivers however i cant do this with the mobo because it gives me an error probably because im trying to install drivers for a mobo thats not in my computer. is there anyway i can force it to download ? or any other way to get around buying an optical drive?

mobo in new computer is a gigabyte b75m-d3v
old one is a gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3l (not sure if that matters)
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  1. For every build, I download all drivers onto a USB stick and once Windows is installed, I load the stick and install them one by one on the new system.

    What do you mean you're trying to install drivers for a mobo that's not in your computer? Is Windows loaded on new PC? All you really need is the LAN driver on new PC and then go to mobo website and download the rest directly onto new PC.
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