Help ordering my new pc

Approximate Purchase Date: 2 or 3 Months

Budget Range: Max £630 (The cheaper the better)

System Usage from Most to Least Important:Gaming,Sufin the web,Music,Photo Stuff

Parts Not Required:Screen,mouse,keyboard,windows etc

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: United Kingdom, Sheffield

Parts Preferences: Amd cpu Nvidia Gpu

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire:Maybe

Monitor Resolution:1440x900

Additional Comments:I dont need a operating system Cougar Extreme is not a part web site its a customising website
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  1. First off, buying within the UK id recommend using website such as;

    Secondly: Is there a reason you dont plan to overclock? If its because your not sure how to, dont worry, most motherboards now come with automatic overclocking features which does it for you.

    Rough build idea on your budget:
    CPU: i5-2500k £155 - Much better processor than anything AMD currently offers
    Motherboard: Z68 Socket 1155 Motherboard £100
    RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz 1.5v (Corsair is a popular brand) £50
    GPU: GTX 560Ti £180 - Great overclocker, performs better than ATI's 6950 equiv
    Case: Almost any mid-tower ATX (around £50 mark)
    HDD: Samsung SpinPoint F3 £40
    Optical Drive: DVD-RW £20
    PSU: 500w Corsair/XFX/Enermax/SeaSonic/Antec £50

    Prices are just a guideline


    If you do wish to SLI heres a few changes:
    Motherboard - Z68 Socket 1155, but make sure it supports the PCI slots for SLI £120
    PSU - 750w+ recommended £80
  2. thanks for all the help but whos going to put it together i cant do it
  3. Your going to get much much better value for money BUILDING rather than BUYING a pre-build system.

    Do you have any technical knowledge or experience with PC's?
    Would you like to build yourself?
    Theres plenty of great video guides on youtube showing exactly how to build a computer from start to finish. NewEgg channel on youtube especially does a 3-part video guide showing step by step how to chose components, build, and install and software afterwards.

    If you really really dont want to build your own PC, id suggest checking out and see what you can build on there for your budget. (They build it for you).

    One of the biggest issues with buying pre-built systems are often cheap motherboards, psu's and ram are used. If you build/design yourself, you know exactly what your getting :)
  4. I would do it myself but if something goes wrong its the end of me and thats what i was doing at Cougar they would build it for me
  5. Buying individual components usually gives better warranty than the 1-year retailers give for whole builds.

    I've not heard of Cougar, but I certainly recommend PC SPECIALIST if you don't want to build yourself.
  6. Thanks for the help im gonna build it my self
  7. take a look at my thread, i have the exact same budget as you and my build looks to be the best bang for buck
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