What does it mean when the chipsets are the same?

Dear all, I am not sure whether I should ask it here or not. But I have a small question about whether two different kind of network dongles are interchangable when their chipset is the same. Because I have a Samsung Class 6 (650) 40" TV, but I do not want to buy the WIS09ABGN (as it is rather expensive here). So I thought maybe a different dongle with the same chipset could be connected to my TV, so I can use wireless internet.

Can someone confirm whether this is possible?

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  1. Many devices share chipsets and some will work with the same drivers for that reason. But the TV may look for a signature which identifies the "correct" model and indeed that model may have some features added to the design which are absent on another device using the same chipset. I think I would ask Samsung, if you can get past the call centre types you may find a tech willing to guide your decision.

    If you can't, I'd buy the cheaper dongle anyway -- if it doesn't work with the Samsung it could be useful with a computer at some point.
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