Repeating Auto Restart

I don't know where to put this because I don't know if the motherboard is the problem, I want to make sure the motherboard is actually the problem before I go and buy a new one.

Well here is the my problem with it my computer, I randomly got BSoD while playing a game, now I had the graphics to this game at medium, and I never had a problem with this game before.
Upon restarting my computer I get another BSoD soon after I get to desktop. Once again I restart and about 1 minute at sitting at desktop, my computer auto-restarts. So upon restart and given the option to safe mode, I go into that and nothing is restarting, no problems that I can see. So I shutdown computer and let it cool down for a couple of minutes.
In about 15 seconds worth of time my computer auto restarts 3 times each time with fans at full speed, so I just flip my power supply switch to get it over with.
So far every time I boot it up it does this, infinite loop of restarts.

I can't access my bluescreen logs in my internal hard drive of my desktop because the only computers I have at my house are three laptops.

The motherboard is MSI P67A-GD65
Video Card is Radeon 6950 1Gig GDDR5
Processor is the i5

I figure it might be the motherboard doing a fail safe restart or something, but was wondering what any of you thought about this.

And thank you for helping resolve this issue.
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  1. Use your laptop to burn a copy of Ubuntu to a CD. Boot Ubuntu from the CD and checkout your Windows error files!

    You could also use that to rule out any hardware issues, run memtest and a cpu test from within Linux to make sure your hardware is working correctly and that Windows is the issue.
  2. Are you wanting me to boot Ubuntu to my desktop? Because I can't even get it to get past the initial blackscreen on my monitor before it restarts
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