How to connect TV, receiver & 5.1 to PC? OR?

Hey there everyone.

First, thank you very much for all of your comments, advise and lectures. :)

I will be building a new PC (with assistance) late this month and have a few questions. I have read many threads and have learned a lot but it can be confusing also. :pt1cable:

I will be spending about $2,000 on a new PC, not including monitors or other peripherals. I will be using it for gaming; MW3/BF3 and for movies - Netflix and hulu only. I also have SiriusXM.

What I can't figure out is how can I put together a computer so that it is connected to two 27" monitors, a 46" plasma television and a 5.1 speaker system? I will be getting Radeon 6970's... which eludes to my other dilemma of... do I wait for Radeon 7000 series cards?


1. How do I hook up all the stuff or can I?
2. OR should I actually hook up the TV and speakers (Energy Take Classic 5.1) to a receiver (Denon AVR-1912 or Pioneer VSX-1021-K) for better sound?
3. If I did, how would I do that? :)

Thank you very much for your time.

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  1. if your going to get the 7000 series, atleast wait for the benches to come out, and with a 6970, you could use eyefinity, and hook up all 3 monitors at once

    for the sound, you could try if you have somthing like a 3.5mm jack->RCA cord... or digital input :P
  2. Thank you for your responce nna2. I actually don't want eyefinity. The more I read the more problems a lot of people were having. Plus, on big 27" screen for gaming is good enough for me.

    Now there will be two monitors AND one 46" TV. I've been reading... and reading... and reading :heink: and some say the receiver hook up is better and some say a good sound card is better. But I still can't figure out how that all gets hooked up, either way. :(

    Thanks for the info on 7000, good advice.

    You mentioned 3.5mm jack > RCA cord, etc. I don't understand where those are going into, that's my problem... among many others. :pt1cable:

    Thank you again for your time.
  3. if you want to plug it into a reciver, that is if it dosent support digital audio

    your probaly going to need a cord like
  4. oh and, as long as your not getting into things like sound recording, the onboard should be fine :D
  5. You would simply connect your PC to your receiver using either separate video/audio outs (like the optical out on your audio card and the HDMI from your video card) or you can buy this:

    and have killer audio and run both video/audio out one HDMI cable.

    The trick is the monitors. If you don't want eyefinity and want to be connected to them at the same time, you need to find a receiver with multiple HDMI video outs. They're expensive. My VSX-53 is around 1200 bucks and it only has 2 outs.

    I suggest using 2 outputs on your 6970 for the monitors (i'm guessing you want dual-screens with an extended or expanded desktop), then use 1 output to go to the receiver.

    Then run your audio to the system separately from your audio card. You'll then adjust the video from within the video card control panel and your audio can be changed by just switching your playback devices.

    In any case, I'm doing the exact same thing, using three 24" monitors and one 55" TV. It's pretty simple. I use the optical audio to go to the receiver and I have all 4 monitors plugged into the video card. I simply tell the software how manage the displays accordingly.

    My media center PC uses the above sound card though and it's amazing. Movies sound fantastic and the chips on the card are actually upgradable. It's also convenient because it sends the single out one HDMI cable
  6. Oh and if you don't have an optical out, then you're only sending stereo sound to your receiver anyway. Your 5.1 native surround will be wasted. Your receive can probably push 5.1 channels from the source, but it won't sound as good.

    So yeah, you would then take your 1/8" analog speaker outputs and get a cable that converts them to red\white RCA cables. Remember, those 1/8" mini stereo plugs are analog, don't be fooled by converters that change them to digital plugs.
  7. WOW... That's a lot of info for such a simple guy like myself... :ouch: :)

    I read your info twice (maybe more :))and understand some of it. I'm going to go over it again and take a copy to a Best Buy in SM, CA to ask a few questions. I'm more of a see it-get it kind of person, not very understanding of electronics, motors, etc. I do party a lot though at 57. :)

    Again Cirdecus, thank you very much for your time and if you don't mind, I'll be getting back with you soon to talk about connectivity again... and again... and again... :pt1cable:

    So to try and summarize your info with my own words:

    I'll plug in the two monitors with two displayport cables - from a graphic card with two displayport ports, then enable expandable desktop from W7.
    I'll plug in an HDMI cable from the same graphics card (I read all cables have to come out of the same card) and attach that to the receiver, any HDMI IN port.
    Then use some kind of cable from the on board audio card 'out' port to the receiver 'in' port (am I close :lol:).
    OR spend a couple of hundred (no real problem IF it is worth it in sound quality... and less frustration quality) to put one HDMI cable from the graphics card to receiver.

    And does it have to be the above sound card or can it be one of these:

    Thank you very much again. Have a great day.

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