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I built my friend (who lives 500 miles away) a computer. It ran perfectly, so I shipped it to him UPS. When he received it, he plugs it in to the graphics card (DVI) and turns it on and gets no signal to his monitor. So I ran him through a couple of different things then walked him through removing the video card. Once it was removed he plugged into the motherboard and the monitor finally came up. Now I tell him put the video card back in. He puts the video card in and starts it up, and the video card fan is running like 100% speed. I tell him that is not right and he says its been doing that the whole time. He got the video card to work each time I have had him re-seat it, but it stops working after he restarts and always runs at 100% fan speed. This video card is an XFX hd5850 and was working flawlessly before I shipped it. I had it for about 3-4 months and had been using it in my pc and have never had a problem (also the fan never ran over 50% during gaming and was usually silent during normal operation). It sucks, because I cannot directly troubleshoot the problem because he lives so far away. If you have had this problem or have an idea , please respond with a solution. What could the problem be?

mem - Kingston hyperx (KHX1333C7AD3K2/4G)
cpu - amd 965 be
psu - corsair 650tx
hdd - wd caviar black 500gb
video card - XFX HD-585X-ZAFC
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  1. GPU fans will speed up to 100% for a second or two during boot, if it's not dropping back down though that usually indicates a problem with the card's BIOS or drivers, or a hardware malfunction. If it was running fine for you before shipping it, I'd say unfortunately it probably got damaged somehow. I'd try contacting XFX about an rma. I recently had the exact same issue with a 6950 and ended up having to buy a new card.
  2. possible damage in transit to his house. UPS and most shipping companies are not careful with packages
  3. Thats what i have been considering. XFX has a lifetime warranty so if worst comes to worst I can probably get a replacement. I am still hoping for any possible solutions before thinking about that. Please continue to post responses. I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thank you!
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