Vcore wild fluctuation, 0.95v to 1.35v help please? Causing major performance is

Causing major performance issues with frame rate drops and skips. I have a GA-790XT-USB3 mobo, AMD Phenom II 3.4ghz x4, 2x 6870 GPU Crossfire, 4gb RAM and 32bit windows all running off a 750W psu
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  1. Is cool and quiet enabled? Try disabling it (from the bios) and see how it goes
  2. Yeah done all that, coolnquiet disabled, AMDC1E disabled, high performance power options in the Control Panel, tried setting the idle frequency for the CPU at 3400mghz (still drops to 800mhz when the Vcore drops). Tried forcing 1.35v in the BIOS and none of it is working.
  3. If its anything like Intel CPU's they have power save features. My i5-2500k runs at about 1.6GHz if i remember correctly when under no load, then if an application needs more resources it will bump itself back to 4.6GHz (voltage changes accordingly).

    If your PC doesn't need to be using all cores maxed out, it will use a much lower CPU Frequency and Voltage. This saves you electricity and helps with your CPU's life-span since its not running balls to the wall 24/7. Try running a program, something like Prime95 or another demanding application and you should see your CPU using its higher potential.

    This feature can be disabled within the BIOS, however it makes sense to use it.
  4. No it's not using it's full potential even under load. It's causing a major drop in performance in games. Frame skipping, poor frame rates, crashes you name it. Even under load the voltages drop and frequencies are dropping.
  5. Whats the exact brand/model of PSU?
  6. It's an Antec Earthwatts 750w
  7. Power saving features do not affect performance. What are your temps? Could be thermal throttling.
  8. Yeah i thought that so i had a look this morning and my temps are through the roof. It's strange because i have just recently in the last week just bought a new CPU cooler. Core temps are sitting at near the 80 degree mark! Not quite sure why that is with a brand new cooler and 3 other fans as well. It's only the CPU that has a high temp. Why could this be?
  9. If that 80C is your idle temps, yes you have a huge problem!
  10. Reseat the hsf, probably wasn't installed correctly. Also I would suggest turning those power saving features back on.
  11. I'm taking it to my local computer shop tomorrow. Get them to do a flow test and reapply some thermal paste on the CPU as i obviously messed it up somehow. Reseated the cooler and there is no change in temps. Hopefully he can see where i'm going wrong. Maybe i did something dumb and plugged the cooler into the wrong spot on the mobo /facepalm lol.
  12. If fixing the temps doesn't work, what am i looking at?
  13. RMAing parts.

    If you plugged the fan into the wrong place, it should still not be going that high, but the plug is the one next to the 4pin cpu power.
    On the top left, most right of this picture.
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