Safe temperature for the fanless ATI Radeon HD 5450 1GB?

I just bought a HD 5450 to replace my HD 4650 (fan broke). It's running about 55 degrees Celsius on IDLE and almost 80 degrees with loads. The card doesn't have a fan, only a heatsink because it's so small and draws little power. What is safe temperature range for the card on maximum load?

On a side note, would my 4650 without a working fan worth anything? How much can I sell that for? It's in perfect condition.
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  1. that temperature is fine, most graphics cards are designed to withstand temperature well above yours, if it does overheat, it'll shut down itself.
    your 4650 would sell for $10-$20 on ebay according to my wild guess.
  2. temps are fine dont worry bout it - its designed passive (better for low end card - less moving parts to fail :) )

    this is also why i prefer reference coolers on video cards - these cheap aftermarket coolers some of the manufacturers use (ASUS especially with there ~9600 and most 4xxx ATI video cards used the same fans which were poor at best)
  3. hi, i have the same HD 5450 and it kept 56-7 Celsius on Idle, I modded the case and installed a fan from a broken PC power supply unit and voila - 41 idle & ~70 with load, cosidering that i maxxed it on the overdrive menu in the catalyst control center it's a big difference which cost me 2 hours and a fan from a PSU. I noticed the games are running a little bit smoother now.
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