Screen flashing problem

My pc has the problem of screen flashing suddenly that has been taking around 0.5 sec per each time. It always happens while playing a flash game and it also happens in normal status as web browsing, but not much than playing the flash game.

Before the problem of screen flashing occurred which is around 2 months ago, my pc had been some problems which is random freeze, color decoding failure and the new windows installation failed.

Then I have done as following, but the problem of screen flashing is occurring:
1. Changed the new display card, as HIS7750
2. Reinstall new OS, the win7 & win8 (multi boot)
3. Recoating the heat sink paste on CPU

Since the screen flashing problem, then I took the HIS7750 to repair center, after the technician made an inspection, he confirmed the screen flashing problem and then I got the loan display card (HIS6450).

But the screen flashing problem has been happening again after I installed the HIS6450.

Someone who can give me advice that should I need replacing something?

Mother board : P5QL-E, ASUS – 2008
CPU : 2.50GHz Dual core, Intel -2008
Memory : 2G DDR (1 pcs) – 2008
Power Supply : 650W – 2006
Display card : HIS7750 - 2012
Hard disk – 150G & 1T
DVD rom – 1

MB temperature: 47 C
CPU temperature : 47 C
CPU : 2700rpm
Room temperature : 32 C
+3.3 : 3.34V
+5 : 5.11V
+12 : 12.1V
Vcore : 1.13V
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    check that your running the newest version of flash and the newest video driver. just to let you know flash is a very buggy software...nvidia and firefox had issues a few rev ago. i would see if the error stops if you turn of hardware acclartion in flash.
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