there is somthing many people do not know.
A six core bulldozer is not comparable with a phenom 6 core. As far as this bulldozer is concerned with windows 7 only 3 core performance is possible. Its because of the software.
Windows 8 is constructed to split in a way to use these special six bulldozer cores to full performance. This is to say the software must be suitable in order to get full Bulldozer Performance.
If AMD gets out of the race with Intel, Intel friends will get higher prices in future.
AMD must live
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  1. By the time Windows 8 is released we will have a whole range of IvyBridge processors to play around with. Based on the current leaked benchmarks (as of today on TOMs front page news article), we can only expect to see great improvements on the current SandyBridge CPUs.

    Based on BullDozers current stand point, I wouldn't get your hopes up and expect too much from AMD in the future either.
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