Toshiba Satellite 1675CDS setup cmos hard drive

Toshiba Satellite 1675CDS notebook
(original win98 package system cds long gone)
Fujitsu MHK3060AT 6.+GB 2.5' 9.5mm hard drive,
sharp 12' DSTN LCD screen,
Toshiba XM-7002BC CD-Rom,
with latest Toshiba bios 1.07A update.
**boot screen appears:

PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
copyright 1985-2000 phoenix tech
88W1 BIOS Version 1.07A.ROm
system BIOS shadowed
Video BIOS shadowed
UMB upperlimit segment address: EB9B
Mouse initialized
Entering SETUP
After updating to latest bios (worked) and then attempting install of OEM version of 98 on the system, it quit identifying the hard drive.

The setup does not have anything that searches for the drive, and I am sure it isnt damaged. Just says "none" (info only, no change of parameters in setup) in description field for hard drive. Fujitsu hard disk install software cant install the drive, if it doesnt see it.

I suspect that the video and system shadowing, caused the hard drive to loose its location when trying to install an OEM Windows 98 system, but expecting system restore disks version. The drive disappeared during the reboot to bring windows up first time on hard drive. There also is NOT a way to turn shadowing off for system or video in setup.

I dont believe I can wake up the hard drive while in laptop, but have to attach it to an existing system while jumpered as a slave, to release being locked out.

I found an ibm drive to replace the fujitsu, but will still have to clean out cmos to install it. This cant be the first time someone has installed an OEM version of Windows 98, on a laptop.

Time to stop and ask somebody that has been here, which way to go. Your thoughts please.
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  1. Found the free copies of the Fujitsu Disk Install Programs that now charges for. Disk Mgr, Diskgo!, Disk Diags, ZeroDisk program, specs for the HD ( UDMA 66, cyl=12,416 , hds=15, sect=63 and HDD type = either 46or47 ), and the clear cmos program.

    Ran GoDisk! Loaded cmos type=46, it found drive, and showed me data from it. Before able to put in anymore info, it rebooted, but lost HD coming back up. So I know the drive is there, working and accessible. saw hdd light flash when it pulled up data. {wondering if it would have helped to have win98 install CD in on reboot}

    Ran several of the tools to see the options, but no others recognized the HD. Careful to just see how they ran, and options open, but dont believe I damaged anything. we have the toys n tools but dont have the sequence to use them. Can someone walk me thru the sequence to recover the HDD, long enough to load Windows 98(oem) full install?
  2. I've got a Sager5620 that came with no OS. I had a 98se licence from prevous laptop (really) and I hate xp so I loaded 98 to a bare hard drive and didn't have any problems.

    I'm not clear on if your bios sees the drive or no. At first I though you were saying no but later not sure. If bios does not see the drive the problem is very likely hardward/bios related. If bios does see the the drive but windows/dos doesn't see a partition then use f-disk/partition magic/format to make a non-hidden, active, primary, dos partition for windose to load on.

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  3. The laptop has the original drive in it, that the setup is not seeing. When running Disk Mgr, it allows me to set up CMOS with drive type, then before putting the cyl, sector, and heads info, it makes me reboot. Before the reboot, it allowed me to see the Fujitsu HD and some info from it. After reboot, the setup does NOT recognize the HD.
  4. Windose setup or bios setup?

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  5. Your system is new enough that the bios should have hd autodetect. All drives over certain size use virtual cyl/sec/block info.

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