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Dual-boot XP32 w/ Wijn7-64?

I built a new PC and put 32 bit XP on its partitioned hard drive. To play with 7 I've been thinking about buying another hard drive and loading 7 on it. Would there be a problem with running 64 bit 7 on the same computer? IOW would there be problems reading/writing to the XP drive?
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    The answer to both questions is that you would have no problems. I run Windows 2000, XP-64, Windows 7-64, and Fedora10 on the same computer. The Windows installations can't see the Fedora drive, but otherwise everything works just fine.
  2. No problems. Using a 2nd HDD is the ideal solution too.
  3. I have Vista installed on a RAID0 so to install Win7 I did this:

    Disconnected all the drives except the one I wanted to install Win7 on.
    Installed using the DVD as usual.

    Boot cycle it so all the drivers are installed etc.

    Reconnected all drives and I now use the BIOS to choose the boot drive.
    RAID0 for Vista
    Samsung 250GB for Win7

    May seem a little extreme and a bit of messing but there is no Boot issues at all even after deleting a OS from a HDD as each HDD has its own Boot Strap.

    Remember to switch the PC off before removing/adding Hardware
  4. Easy buy a vantec Nextar Hard Drive dock and use e-sata if your motherboard supports it. Hard drives are cheap enough these days, saves messing with dual booting etc :)
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