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I am a moron to say the least. I recently bought the AMD fx 8150 bulldozer CPU for about 255 dollars.
But as I have discovered, I misunderstood my motherboard model (yeah, I'm that much of an idiot). It wouldn't boot to BIOS when installed, so I put my old CPU back in.

I think I already know the answer but really, REALLY want to be sure I don't mess up more before purchasing a new motherboard:

I own a gigabyte GA 770TA (funny that the company said it's a 870A when I bought it). I am thinking of buying a new, the Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 AM3/AM3+. It should be able to support the processor. BUT, before I do that, I wanted to ask the wonderful people here if there's any way possible to make my current motherboard work with the FX 8150?

My sincere thanks for your inputs!
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  1. In short no, 'most' of the inventory with pre-FX is sold-out, but that means zip if it doesn't boot. Don't feel alone the same problem persists with the e.g. Intel P67/Z68 with the new Ivy Bridge CPU.

    If you actually go to a store where you can 'see' the MOBO, many MOBO Mfg's have a shipping BIOS version label on the box by the S/N label or a label underneath the MOBO itself.

    If you own a pre-FX AMD CPU that is also supported by the e.g. UD3 then use that CPU to update the BIOS. Otherwise get a AMD Sempron 145 (140) for $40 or have the store (if possible) update the BIOS or RMA the new MOBO for a refurbished (that idea sucks) or pay a shop to update the BIOS which brings you back to the AMD Sempron 145 for $40.

    I would get the new MOBO and have a 'surprise' and take your options (hopefully installing the OS) and go from there.

    My preference are the ASUS 990FX models...e.g. ASUS M5A99FX PRO -
  2. Get another mobo that supports the processor or send the processor back and get a refund. not much else you can do.
  3. Thank you for the answers. I was already planning on getting a new motherboard, so the Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 AM3/AM3+ motherboard should support fx 8150 right?.
    It is listed in supported processors, so my guess is yes, but I am not making this mistake twice :p
  4. Support was never a question, the question is the BIOS support and revisions. If the MOBO comes with pre 'F4' (e.g. F2) then it simple won't post. The solution, if needed and hopefully not, is a donor CPU to update the BIOS.

    It's been a couple months since I've seen a AM3+ MOBO requiring a donor CPU to update/upgrade the BIOS to an 'FX' suitable version.

    In contrast the GA-770TA-UD3 won't ever support the FX line, official support requires an AM3+ MOBO.
  5. Alright thanks. I thought I was getting the hang of PC building, but now I see how much I still have to learn. I love messing around with PC's and hardware though. Thanks for clearing it up! I ordered the 990XA mobo today so I should be getting it in a couple of days. Thanks for the help all!
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