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Earlier this year I bought a prebuilt PC to replace my old 2005 CPU, which runs well outside of the GPU. It's using intergrated graphics from the i3-2100, which is able to run most games on 1600x900 on low settings. It starts to struggle to even manage 30 FPS on games like BFBC2 (On low with 1280x1024 it will usually average 25) so I'm looking to upgrade.

I'm not looking for something too spectacular, and would prefer to avoid buying a PSU. (It came prebuilt with a 280W power supply) Although I could save up and buy something like a GTX 460 + PSU towards the end of this year, I plan on upgrading the whole PC in 1.5 years. (In other words, it'd be better to save all that money towards then)

From what I've read the Radeon HD 5670 can manage 280W, but would it be able to run BF3 on medium settings with a 1600x900 resolution? Also, are there any alternatives to the 5670?

Intel i3-2100 Dual Core @ 3.1Ghz
280W PSU
Currently using Integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000
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  1. Running smallish no-name PSUs to 90% of their alleged peak rating is sometimes a recipe for disaster; instead of getitng a weak GPU to avoid needing a new PSU, better to save a little more, and actually get a decent PSU and a nice mid-range GPU such as 6850 or GTX460(1gb).
  2. I say you could probably get away with a 5570, its a decent card, but you are going to have to lower the resolution.
  3. 5670 would be great for bc2, but it would really make your psu struggle. I really suggest you upgrade your PSu, otherwise your upgrade options are seriously limited ( besides I bet your current PSU is some cheap unreliable kind that may damage your system, so it would be wise to replace it anyway)
  4. I found a GTX 460 for $110 USD on Tigerdirect after rebates (1GB, Zotac) which sounds a bit too cheap to be true.

    Is it safe to buy it? Newegg averages a price of $160 for a GTX 460, which has me a bit skeptical. Also, would a 45W 80+ cert PSU work for a GTX 460?
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