Ati 5770 CrossFire Watts, do i have enough?

Thermaltake 600 watt
Amd x4 955be
kingston ddr3 2gb ram
2hards couldnt tell you but ones a ide connection and their old
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  1. hurry lol... i wanna go crossfire bad
  2. I would give it a shot, is not as if you are using some no-name PSU that is likely to melt into slag at the first time running it to 60% loading....
  3. ok its running but i had alot of problems that happened in the process now. the guy at the geek squard said that good chance i didnt need the bridge because his 5750 dont have it.. now i cant access the crossfire mood without ccc saying connect bridge.. now if the true any chance i could use something that mimics the bridge
  4. XFX CrossFire Bridge Model MA-AP01-CF1K for $9.99


    HIS CrossFire Bridge Interconnect Cable Model HCFBC4065 for $10.99
  5. alright.. if i start gaming is it going to screw up anything, will i see an improvement?. would like to know extacly whats going on with my system lol
  6. If it's not operating in CrossFireX mode why would you expect to see a performance increase?

    If the driver doesn't recognize the two cards as being in CrossFireX mode then what you have is two independent graphics cards.
  7. ok just checking... im new to pc gaming
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