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I currently own a HIS 6850 which i got in May and suddenly today it stopped displaying anything to my monitors. Regardless of using HDMI or DVI outputs. I've tested multiple monitors and tried other power supplies. My old 4850 and a friend's 5970 work on my computer so the issue isn't power related. I can hear that I get into windows but nothing is displayed on my monitors. My monitors can detect that there is a graphics card but no signal is coming through. I haven't overclocked my graphics card and when i turn my computer on the 6850's fan doesn't sound like it's going 100% so I don't think that it is fried. When I plugged it into my friend's extra pci-e slot and he checked device manager it detected a amd 6800 series card.

my specs
motherboard: Gigabyte ep45-ud3r
cpu: e5200 oc 3.6ghz
ram: 2x2gb G.Skill
old gpu: HIS 4850 512mb
current gpu: HIS6850 1gb
OS: Windows 7

Is there a way to fix or reset my 6850 or am I forced to RMA it? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. i think you can only go for RMA option
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