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Need advising for installing PSU(HX650)

Hi, I'm currently in the process of installing a new PSU, I have removed my old one and am about to install the HX650.

I'm wondering, do I need multiple cables for the Hard Drive and the DVD Drive? (I.e. connecting 2 to the PSU, 1 for each.

Also, I'm installing a new Graphics Card (GTX 560 Ti) which has 2 12v ports, do I HAVE to have 2? The HX650 is rated at 53A on a single 12v rail.

PSU: HX650
Graphics Card: 560 Ti
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    You can hook up a HDD & a DVD drive on the same power cable. Yes, you need both 12V ports for your Video card. Those connectors are only rated at a certain wattage. the Vid card needs more than that, so they put two connectors on. Even though the PSU has enough amps on a single rail, it requires two connectors to avoid overheating the connector.
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  3. I have a single rail that splits into 2, is it ok to plug those 2 in?
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