Help! USB mouse dies on ABIT KT7-RAID(+)

well...My configuration is: Abit KT7-RAID, Duron 600, 192MB, GeForce DDR(o/c 150/340), Sb Live! Value, Logitech mouse on USB. Bios version of KT7-RAID is UL.
My operation system is Windows 98(non SE). I've installed all the VIA drivers (service pack 4.25a and usb filter 1.08).
The reinstallation of windows doesn't help. Also i used service packs 4.23, 4.24 and 4.25. mouse suddenly dies. It can work for about an hour or two hours, but then suddenly dies. On my previous configuration(Celeron 500 on Asus P2B) mouse worked correctly. I can't work, when my mouse dies :( What can I do?! Please help...
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  1. This could very well be a resource conflict. Try using the PS/2 port instead of USB for mouse. You might be conflicting with system resources, or the mouse may be draining too much power from the USB port, causing the hangup.
  2. XP has a glitch in it that sometimes does that to a USB keyboard or mouse . use the ps2 ports
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