Wiring toggle switch to power PC

I have a fighter pilot switch im trying to use for my arcade pc. i'm running my wire off the motherboard (black and red) to my switch which has 3 terminals - power, acc, and ground - note this is not a momentary switch.

Which wire goes to which terminals?
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  1. Toggle switch normally would not work since normal power switch when pressed shorts or connects the two pins on the mobo and then disconnects as you let go of it. If left connected then it will shut it down again.
  2. I realize that, but the switch is two position, and when you lower the cover it turns the switch off...so if the switch is flipped, and then you lower the cover, it should act as a manual type of temporary switch, no?
  3. Just as long as it disconnects after pressing to start it would work.
  4. cool, so back to the original question, where do the black and red wires connect..my 3 terminals on the switch are power, ground, and acc
  5. Verify with a meter power to ground or power to acc.
  6. Black wire is ground.

    Red wire to the terminal that is making contact when the flip switch is in the "On" position. When the cover of the flip switch forces the switch into the off position this circuit should read open on the ohm meter.
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