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I have my pc plugged into an LCD TV.
The native resolution is 1920x1080. Unfortunately this resolution causes the display to stretch beyond the borders of my monitor, so I have to use the Nvidia control panel to re-size the display to 1824x1086, and as a side affect to this all of my games must adhere to this max res setting.
Is there a way to make the native res fit the screen like it should?

Not that I mind; as the scaled back res looks completely fine, the picture is crisp and clear. So this is just more of a curiosity thing.
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  1. Hmm, with my ATI control panel I was able to re-size my screen to fit my 42" plasma without changing the resolution, it just changed the width of the display.
  2. On the TV remote there should be a button to adjust screen size, my Sony has 4 different settings (Normal, Full, Zoom & Max-Zoom ).
    Edit; button called; Screen Format?
  3. I was able to fix this on my tv by using the overscan/underscan slider. It doesn't seem to mess with the resolution and it makes it fit.
  4. Lol.
    Here I was looking around in all of the control panel settings when it was the simplest thing. All I had to do was press the aspect button on my remote and it adjusted automatically.
    Thanks guys, might go ahead and give my self an uppercut right about now.
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