Is my Video Card dead?

I have an old BFG 9800 GT video card in my system. Something has happened to it though, I think, and I need to know if its the graphics card or something else. The fact that I am on now using intergrated motherboard graphics leads me to believe that my card is a gonner but I want another opinion.

I was playing a Splinter Cell game when I had to go afk for about half an hour. I was in the middle of the game and just pressed the [esc] key to pause it and walked away. I come back and my monitor is in the turned off position, looked like the system turned off the monitor after no use for some time. I go to try to wake it back up by moving the mouse and pressing keys and nothing happens. I restart the computer using the power button, and I get no signal to my monitor, the light instead of turning green when it gets an input, stays a dark orange color. I uninstalled the card, reinstalled. nothing.

I have had this part for the better of 5 years or so. Think it has finally died on me? =(

It had a lifetime warranty too.. thanks alot BFG Tech.
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  1. Do you have a friend who would let you install it in his system? If it doesn't work there, its dead.
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