What should I upgrade for BF3?


I have a standard Dell inspiron 540 computer not yet geared towards gaming, but I want to play battlefield 3. What I think I need to do is upgrade PSU, processor, ram, and graphics card. Am I missing anything?

My current specs:

Processor: Intel Core Duo E2160 / 2.2 GHz

Operating System: Windows 7 32bit

Mainboard: Chipset type Intel G33 Express

Ram: 2gb

Graphics: Integrated Intel graphics

Links to what I'm considering buying. Are these even compatible?




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  1. Getting a new pc would be the best option imo ;) (although I am not a computer God, there are many people who know more then me, so don't take my word for it)
  2. Those are not even compatible with what you have
    You have to have a new motherboard, but by this point build a brand new computer
    Thermaltake powersupply = junk btw and how is an AMD cpu going to work on an old intel motherboard? Think it out :)
  3. You have to build a new PC for it. Better wait until BullDozer releases. (19th Sept.)
  4. I'm also eager to see the benchmark scores of BD processors? Won't Toms get those before launch?
  5. Does that Dell have DX10? If yes then maybe you can get into a game of BF3. Otherwise that old pc and 2gb system your gonna get lagagagagagagagagagagagagagag and probably find yourself getting booted of game servers regurally
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