460w psu hang with some 2011 vid cardssss?

I dont know what any of this stuff means, other than it's an Enhance 460w :0 I guess the brand is reputable, i bought it years back for a xeon machine. Still goes for $90 at some weird stores. I've narrowed it down to 5770s, 5830s, gtx 460s, and a 6850 if i hold out

im on a phenom x4 955,
JetWay JM26GT4-A-LF m-atx mobo
4gb ddr2 800 (2x2gb),
sb live xfi xtreme music,
80gb ssd sata,
500gb 7200 sata,
blu ray sata.
x1950pro 256 murp

ive tried the psu setter upper things online and they came out at around (with the above listed cards) *>~400w just clueless on the volts and stuff. trying to dodge another $100 bullet for psu :(
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  1. A really good 500w PSU cost only $70, and a 500w could handle any of the cards listed, as for a card you could get with the current PSU, it would be a 5670.

    Heres that 500w I speak of:

    And at Fry's the SAME PSU cost only $50.
  2. even a 5770 wouldnt work?
  3. Does your PSU even have a power connector?
  4. yea, i have the x1950p connected (pci-e cable) its via six pin though..i looked over here

    and the guy has the same '372w max on 12v rail' and everyone is rooting for him to connect a 560 im guessing the 5770 can hang??
  5. so i have 31a on the 12v rail....gtx 460?
  6. Oh, then you should be fine!
  7. so a 5830 is alright? I feel the hd 5770 is the safest bet..I know nothing on PSU's im just gathering info off of forums with the similar specs :)
  8. am I reading this correctly? safe to get a gtx 460?
  9. What resolution do you play at ? The 5770 will work im pretty sure of that, any higher and i start to feel jittery. All the other cards you mentioned need 2 6 pin PCIE power cables. Does your PSU have 2 ?
    The 5770 will be a huge improvement over your 1950 anyway so why try and push for that bit more especially when there is doubt concerning the PSU.
    Oh and for the record the 560Ti, seriously just NO. :pfff:

    Mactronix :)
  10. i currently have it jimmy rigged this a way :X

    yeah I guess leaning towards a gtx 460 SE would be wiser? according to this its pretty relevant to 5770, cost bout the same, but is a bit better than.

    i want to play at 1680x1050, but 1440x900 would be fine if things were smooth. i have a 20 in monitor 16:10. I also have win xp pro, so no direct 10-11..this upgrade keeps getting saltier. it went from sweet deal on cpu to, I need $600
  11. Well if you are determined to run a more powerful card then i suggest you get a 6850 as its going to kill a 460 SE performance wise and the power usage is more or less the same.
    I still say the 5770 is a better safer bet but its your call.

    Mactronix :)
  12. thanks for the replies dudes. yeah I'll see about getting the 5770, hate it's should be $75
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    You too eh, I thought it was just me, I have complained about that from day 1. Everyone else seems to think its a great card, which it is but they think its a good price as well which it certainly isn't.
    So yea its not that i like the card at all i would never get one myself. I just don't want you to end up with a card your PSU cant power.

    Mactronix :)
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  15. update: I went ahead and bought this

    Even though my current PSU has protective things or whatever I've read horror stories of PSU's with said protective volt things or whatever still failin'. That, and it's about 7 years old. I went ahead and scored a hd 4890 for $70 :p I only have xp pro 32 bit so I'm straight for now. Thanks again dudes. Yeah I just couldn't justify 5770's price for its weak performance. Pretty sure the PSU I bought should be good enough for future upgrades non sli/crossfire
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