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I got it from the woot!/moofi deal from a week or so. it has 4gigs of ram and a terabyte hardrive with no videocard. id like to add one but the current power supply only has 220w and most cards ask for 400w. there have been similar questions asked about slim desktops but i havent really found a straight up answer. what would be the harm in buying a power supply that is too large and doing a xbox 360 set up other than it looking a bit ridiculous? also, suggestions of which power supplies could fit in the case would be nice as well. the model is the gateway sx2803-ub20p.
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  1. Your choice is very limited for unit replacement in a slim tower.
    This might fit but don't know for sure..
    SeaSonic SS-300TFX
    It would allow for a better gpu but nothing spectacular.
  2. @mg433

    I went through lots of searching .Seems that Seasonic 300w PSU is the best your gonna get. Heres a list of all the low profile cards that are the best.
    This will save you some time as theres not many options in the low profile category. Im also with you on just making my case look like crap and putting a 500 watt PSU outside and modding the card slot or case to hold a full size card but havent heard if that will work but may give it a try as its a better deal for power performance and money.
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