2nd GTX 480, or go 500 Series?

My current system cpu is a core i7 920@3.8ghz. PSU: corsair professional series gold ax1200. I have three alienware aw2310 monitors for surround gaming..

My delema is that I have a gtx 480. I'm not sure if I should get another 480, or go 500 series (570, 580). My goal is to go sli. But I'm concerned are about the 480 temps and noise.. I'm 100% certain my psu can handle it.
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  1. You're best off getting another 480. The only worthwhile upgrade would be SLI 580's, and even then, the performance increase wouldn't be that amazing, and temps would be similar, with SLI 580's ~10c lower, according to benchmarks.

    Save yourself some money by getting another gtx 480 :).
  2. I agree, go with another 480 GTX. You can buy another card for about $300. Going with a pair of 570 GTX would net you negligible performance gains for $600 total. Sure the 570s would be quiter, run cooler and suck up less power, but is that worth $300?

    A pair of 580s would be much faster, but that will set you back $900...
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