Up grade my old system or start over with all new stuff

I have a about a 5year old computer alienware area 51

nvidia 680i sli mother board

intel R core tm2 cpu 6400 2.13 GHZ

2 gigs ram DDR2 not sure what kind

now in the last year I have replaced the video card with nvidia 460gt old one quit

and the PS with a 750 watt PS old one quit

would it be best to upgrade the computer I have with the new PS and video card or start over fresh

would I just need a mother board and a CPU and some more ram

I would like to upgrade to an I5 2500k so what motherboard should I go with I dont need more than 6 gigs ram

I want to be able to play all the newer games like BF 3 when it come out on max I know I may need to upgrade my video card or add another one in the near future

anyone recommend a mother board

Thanks Tim
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  1. I would try to sell working parts and then start from scratch .. there might be alot of compatibility issues plus 5 years ? not even alienware can hold that much
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    lets see, a z68 board would be good. they are cheap and have good feautures. you can get 4gb ddr3 ram for around 30 bucks.

    for the mobos i recommend these two.

    a gigabyte board

    and an ASRock board

    but there are also a lot of other good boards out there. these are just my recommendations
  3. P 67 board will be even better and unless ur a planning on transcode videos all day long u'll be fine
  4. ok thanks guys

    what compatibility issues would I have is it with the tower if i replace the mother board and Processor and memory already replaced the power supply and video card last year
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  6. YAY!

    and you should have no issues, as long as the motherboard is within size of your case then it will fit. and if the cpu is the same socket as the mobo then it should be fine as well. the only issues you might have is that you will have to reinstall windows when you get the new motherboard.
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