How to configure a linksys E2000 sharing internet that uses EV-DO?

I recently bought a linksys E2000 router and i wanted to share internet connection with other computers using this router. I am using a wireless EV-DO device for internet connection. Will i be able to share this internet connection with other computers using the router?
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  1. the EV-DO device should be using USB which you will not be able to directly connect to the router
  2. No...i can not directly connect it to the router.....because I can connect the EV-DO device on a usb port............but i was thinking that if i connect it to one computer and make that computer to share its connection for other computers.....I tried that but it didn't i guess the router must have an internet connection plugged in it???
  3. I would change the LAN IP of the router from to

    then connect the WAN/Internet port of the router to you computer's network port.

    finally you need to setup ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on you computer
  4. Thanks for the reply....i'll give that a try......but this also means that the one computer that is EV-DO attached to it will have to be connected to the internet port of the router all the time? thanks.
  5. Yep because it is relaying the internet signal to the router.

    this router should support your EV-DO
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