Sony VAIO Laptop won't boot

My wife was working on her computer and received a notice from Sony telling her to perform an update or there is a chance of over heating. She started the update and it crashed in the middle.

I went and booted the computer from the last known good configuration and the system worked. At night she shut it down. In the morning when she started it up, it wouldn't boot. I went and selected the last known good configuration again and rebooted.

The computer crashed on the reboot. Now the laptop wont boot in safe mode, regular mode, or to the command prompt.

I have gone to the bios and ensure that the default configuration is set.

The Sony VAIO laptops come with system recovery tools. I have tried those tools and the system crashes. Even when I select delete all personal files and let it try to go back to the factory install, it crashes.

I receive the error message..."Restore Complete System - An error occurred while executing an application. The operation was not completed. Shutdown the PC, then try the operation again after restarting your system. Error:320.

The only thing I know to do now is format the hard drive. However, Sony did not give a set of install disks. I have checked Sony's website and it gives directions to make more recovery disks, but that doesn't help because I can't get to windows.

Any ideas?

Thank You
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  1. According to this, the issue is either with the hard drive or RAM. If you have 2 RAM sticks in the system, try booting with one of them at a time, see if one of them will boot OK. If not, you should replace the hard-drive, and get a set of CDs from Sony to restore the system. They'll probably charge you for them but cheaper than buying a new Windows box.
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