Hawk 5770 6 pin to 1 Molex?

i just bought the Hawk 5770 , and my psu dont have the 6 pin conector but i have the 6 pin to 2 molex adapter, and i only have 1 molex left, so i was thinking about split that molex into two molex and then plug the adapter or can i just use one molex in the adapter?

the psu is a 550 w generic one, someone just review that psu and isnt that bad for a generic, it had more than 65% eff.

btw , this is only temporary, like, because i gonna buy a new psu

Intel pentium dual core e5300 2.6GHz@3GHz
Two sticks of DDR2 ram
1 Sata HD

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english :P
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    A modern 550 watt PSU should be capable of at least 80% efficiency and produce around 40 amps (well, at least 35) on the 12 volt outputs.

    A 5770 only needs about 8 amps (100 watts). Using a molex splitter to get the two connectors that the adapter needs will not accomplish anything. Using the splitter will not magically increase the current carrying capacity of the single wire.

    You can try it, but I wouldn't. I suspect that you have an old PSU with a relatively light 12 volt rail.
  2. Thanks for reply
    well the psu isnt that old, i bought it like in february and since then its working without problems so far with the same specs plus an hd4670 , in the specifications it says that have 32 A on the 12 V rail
    then the 5770 would have to work using only one molex right? because iirc the pcie slot provides 75 w and each molex another 75 w, and i dont think that the card needs more than 150 w.

    and as i say this is just temporary, like maximum 2 months

    have a nice day
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