Core temperature or cpu temperature?

I posted this already in the overclocking forum before I realized there was a regular cpu forum!

Basically, I just had my computer rebuilt in a new case by some local techs (as I am somewhat hardware illiterate). I have a core I7 980x 3.33ghz processor, P6X58 premium motherboard, prolimatech megahalems with 2 noctua nf-p12 fans in push/pull, thermaltake level 10 GT case, and 2 580 gtx gpus. I'm told they used arctic silver 5 thermal paste on the CPU (but who knows if it was done correctly).

I rebuilt the system because my old case couldn't support separating the 2 gpus so they would overheat, but they have been much cooler in the new case so far (like 15c cooler). I also wanted to put a slight overclock on my CPU as I've just had it running at stock for the last year or so. Before I changed my case my CPU idle temp was somewhere around 35c, with the cores a few c lower. This was with a coolermasterV8.

The picture below was taken after ~15 minutes of a blend prime95 test. As you can see the CPU reading got up to as high as 72c, while the hottest single core got no higher than 60c. Idle temps are around 40-42c for the CPU, and 27-31c for the various cores.

Room is ~22.5c ambient. The fans are both pointing in the correct direction on the heatsink. I was told my System temp might be a little high, maybe from the SLI graphics cards?

What do you guys think? use core temps or CPU temp? try repasting? I was expecting lower temps with this new case/heatsink. Thanks in advance!

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  1. is this at idle? your processor shouldnt go above 68C, you may want to get a back fan
  2. No, I don't see where the CPU temp reached 70C while cores remained at 60C. I see the 60C and lower core temps but looked all over those pages for a 70C temp and couldn't find it. 60C is about 10C below the limit. You can drive it harder.
  3. The cputin and auxtin are incorrect readings, it's fairly common. Hwmon is a 3rd party software so trying to be compatible with every mobo on every manufacturer is hit and miss. You can ignore those readings.
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