Computer won't reboot & running slow

So I installed a new GTX 570 card and whenever I try to reboot/restart the first time the computer hangs and won't boot. After I power it down and start again it boots but the performance I'm getting in games is much less than I was getting with my old GTX 280, any ideas?
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  1. to begin with, can your power supply even handle that card?
  2. Can you list your computer specs? I think it may be a CPU bottleneck but I can't say without knowing the computer specs.
  3. I've got an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz and a 750W power supply. Also my motherboard is a Nvidia Nforce 750i and I've got 8MB of Ram
  4. cpu bottlenecks don't cause systems not to boot. i would put your old video card back in, make sure it works fine, then call the video card manufacturer and tell them what is happening, and tell them when you put your 280 in the system works fine.
  5. Ok so I put the old card back in and it still wouldn't boot up until the 2nd try and when I got a message about the previous boot failing. Performance is still *** though. Is it possible this is a driver issue? I installed the new ones over the top of the old ones.
  6. driver issue shouldn't cause that much of a this the first time you are experiencing poor performance with the old card?

    keep the 280 in there and try and roll the driver back under device manager. right now your priority should be to get the system back to where it was before you put the 570 in. once you do that then wipe the drivers completely, shut down the system and put the 570 in.
  7. My be windows lost some configuration??. you could try to restore system to a previous status. If this solve the problem uninstall old drivers and intall news.
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