Studio XPS 9100 vs custom build?

I'm trying to build a nice gaming pc for about $1200. I just saw a Studio XPS 9100 for $800 though.
Here's the link:

Should I buy that build, or would I be able to build one for even cheaper than that? I've been trying for a $1200 build with the new i7 processor and a decent amount of RAM, like at least 8 or 12GB. I know this XPS build has 6, but I might just upgrade after buying it. If those features are still pricy, (because I've heard pretty much all builds made by manufacturers themselves are 100% of the time more expensive than they have to be) should I continue to shoot for my $1200 build?
If I do shoot for that build, what components should I get?

So far I want to get something along the i7 series of processors, at least 1TB ddr3 hard drive, and a good graphics card. I haven't gotten very far deciding what I want yet, though, since this is my first build. I'm hoping not to get ripped off. Can anyone help me, please?
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  1. The $800 model does not have a gaming graphics card

    Even the other models have at best a middle to lower range graphics card

    So head for newegg
    and price
    a 2500K
    a z68 motherboard
    2 x4 gig of 1.5 volt 1600 Mhz RAM
    a case you like
    a 650 watt power supply
    windows 7 64 bit oem
    a dvd drive
    a hard drive

    and spend the rest of your budget on the best graphics card you can find a 6950 , or 560 ti probably
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