I7 Q 720 starts off running slow

Hi, I have an alienware laptop with an i7 Q720 1.6ghz, when i start the computer and check cpuz it says my core speeds are running at 520 with a multiplyer of 4....if i restart the computer it then runs at 1728.9 with a multiplyer of 13, why does it run faster on restart and can i make it run that speed on first start up

many thanks
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  1. Hello,

    Have you tried changing your power profile to High performance while plugged in? If not try that out and check it out again.

    Edit: One more thing - go into your BIOS ( usually you have to press F2 to access it right after restart) and disable "SpeedStep".
  2. cant find 'speedstep' in the bios .
  3. Did you try changing your power profile?
  4. yes increased the power and it still initially starts at the slower speed, and on restart goes faster ....curious
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