High CPU Core Voltage On OEM System?

I have a fairly new HP HPE-410f computer. And I have been haveing issue with the computer running stable.

Heres a thread I made trying to solve the problem: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/28874-63-random-freezing-windows#t123299

Ive done a clean reinstall of win7, ran memtest86 multiple times and done numbers of other tests and updates. Basically the computer just randomly freezes and I cannot do anything to get it to respond so I have to hold the power button down and restart.

On a different forum I posted a shot of my HWMonitor and someone pointed out that my core voltage was high. He told me to reset my bios and pull the cmos battery for 10mins. Which I did both and logged back on and opened HWMonitor and my voltage was the same.

Here is a shot of HWMonitor as of right now. The CPU is an AMD Phenom II x6 1045t. Here are the rest of my computer specs if you need them: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c02481315&tmp_task=prodinfoCategory&cc=us&dlc=en&jumpid=reg_r1002_usen&lc=en&product=4330543#N77

Does my voltage seem high? I am not overclocking anything and my computer is all OEM. Could this be causing my stability and freezing issues?
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  1. What does BIOS report for Vcore?
  2. I cant seem to find that.

    This is all my bios shows:

  3. No health tab under power?
  4. Nothing, here is the power menu:

    Is there any other place I can search for an newer bios besides the HP site?
  5. HP is the only option for BIOS and you can not tweak anything! So you are stuck with what you got, it is very likely that the program is reporting wrong (looking at your temps) other programs like coretemp or speedfan could give you a second opinion.
  6. Yea, I know it sucks haha.

    Ive tried Speed Fan and it doesnt even show anything.

    also CPU-Z shows the same 2.2v

    Does 2.2v seem high though?
  7. I'd guess PS, personally. Your 3.3 is reading 2.77, which is 17% off.
    ATX spec iirc only allows for + or - 5% on the 3.3, which should mean a minimum of 3.135 VDC.
    Shame the BIOS doesn't have a HW tab. Do you have a multimeter?
  8. Yes I do have a multimeter.

    Could the 2.77v mean a possibly bad power supply? I dont know if that would cause my random freezing issue though, would it?
  9. kyle_t said:
    Yes I do have a multimeter.

    Could the 2.77v mean a possibly bad power supply? I dont know if that would cause my random freezing issue though, would it?

    Sweet. Try checking the voltages yourself, while the machine is under load, just to make sure that HWMonitor is accurate.

    That said, in my experience - low voltages usually indicate a failing PS, and a bad PS can most definitely cause all sorts of weirdness and flakiness, up to and including random freezes. Some of the most baffling things I have ever seen or heard about were ultimately attributed to a bad PS.
  10. Where exactly would I check for the 3.3v(or 2.77 in my case) reading?
  11. Why does AIDA64 show my core voltage a 1.0v?

    But then when I go in here, it shows my cpu core a 2.2v like hwmonitor. But in there is shows my 3.3v reading as being correct, unlike hwmonitor.
  12. I tested the PSU with a multimeter and everything seems to be normal. All of the 3.3v pins were dead on at 3.30v. All of the 12v pins were right around 11.90v. And the 5.5v pins were 5.15v.

    Does anyone know where to check the vcore voltage? Is it on the motherboard somewhere? I tried looking around but cant seem to find it.
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