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Stock AMD cpu fan won't install


Sorry to bother you guys again, but this is my first build and I have successfully gotten the CPU onto the MB, but the stock fan won't click into place. The AMD CPU written instructions are terrible--it's not even the same drawing of the latches that are on mine, and I can see what's supposed to happen--lock one side down, then get the other latch over the other side and then, finally, lock it down. The problem is that it won't even latch onto the second side, much less lock down, without really really pressing on the CPU/mobo. I can tell it's too much force.

The specs are: Gigabyte Mobo GA-990XA-UD3, AMD socket AM3/AM3+

CPU is AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition

When I watch videos (like Newegg), people just put their hairy arms in the way and I can't tell the details of how it clips on. Seems pretty obvious but it isn't working. Also, I've removed the cooler a couple of times to see what the heck is going on and I'n sure that's great for the thermal paste.

Please help if you can--photos, a good video, anything would be great!

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  1. Make sure the lever is in the open position! Hook the other end on first and then the lever end, Close lever!
  2. Thanks Rolli. I've watched that video and a couple of others, and I am in fact trying to do what you say, exactly, with the lever in the open position of course---but the bracket is still too short to fit over the tab. I can't even imagine getting it to the point where I could close the lever.

    This bracket/lever system is a little different than the traditional's cheaper and doesn't have that nice lever that the ones in the videos have.

    Thanks for trying.... it's just too short no matter how much I wiggle it around.
  3. You have to press it down little forcefully!
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    Don't break it! You'll damage the CPU/socket. I had the same trouble with my Phenom II X4 980 and its HSF on the same board as you. NO WAY will it latch to the socket on that motherboard. I have assembled many, many AMD systems over the years and that combination was the only one that won't snap into place like it should. I ended up getting this Zalman cooler, and put the stock HSF on the shelf.

    There's definetly something wrong with either the bracket that Gigabyte put on that board or the stock HSF latching assembly on that particular size HSF unit.
  5. if u still cant get the hsf in place get an aftermarket cooler line cooler master 212+ or atleast cooler master tx3 which is easier to install
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  7. Thanks guys! This is GREAT information. I was in the middle of RMA-ing the whole thing to Newegg, but I was worried that I'd have the same problem again if it turned out to be a design-compatibility flaw. Sounds like it is exactly that. I will check out the Zalman and the CoolerMaster HSFs. Thanks again!!!
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