MSI p6n Platinum. keep/upgrade or dump it


I have a old MSI p6n Platinum mobo.

I want to play games like starcraft 2 HOTS and CSGO.

my current specs are

E6600 dual core
4gb ram
Evga 520 GT (the cheap 50$ one)
and old HD ( not SSD)

Should i upgrade the video card to a better more expensive one ?

Im low on funds and dont really want to spend much.. but i cannot stand the lag in my games and slow comp..

i was thinking maybe i should buy a good Videocard thats future proof so i can put that in a new mobo later on when i do decide to build a new comp.

what are your opinions on this matter.

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  1. Is your cpu Pentium dual-core E6600?

    You can have this 7750 gpu:

    It will give you decent frame in those game.
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